Corsodyl (Chlorhexidine)


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It is a toothpaste.

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i found out that my mouth ulcers were a lack of vitimin d an no iron plus no immune system(chemo 4 hep) and animea. all this an life support ,copd ,hep c an i am about to throw towel in
If i have to hear one more say. YOU DRANK to get hep c no i had open heart in 67 an they didnt test blood
now 52 on a scooter out of breath and watch my partner of 20 yrs walk out the what a life . i am so close to depresion but i refuse to give in to it.Jesus says everything for reason.we'll see

59 – MediGuard

I was told to use this as a staph killer this is a soap. After reading the other questions about mouth rinse are we talking about the same drug? The bottle is hibiclens.

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Hibillens was given to me as an body wash. these people are talking about mouth rinse souns like either i am wrong or they are

62 – MediGuard

My tounge has gotten numb when i use this and it tast very bad an even a couple of hours later every thing dose not tast to good ether.

44 – MediGuard

I been using chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse for 10 days and notice my tongue is dark brown and black. What do i do?

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