Augmentin BID (Amoxicillin Sodium with Clavulanate Potassium)


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Can augmentin be used while on coumadin?

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A drug interaction between Augmentin and Coumadin was found in the MediGuard Drug Interaction System Checker. Taking Augmentin may increase the bleeding risk of Coumadin. When taking these 2 medications together, you should monitor and report any signs of bleeding to your doctor, including pain, swelling, headache, dizziness, weakness, prolonged bleeding from cuts, nosebleeds, bleeding of gums from brushing, unusual bleeding or bruising, red or brown urine, or red or black stools. It is also recommended that the INR be checked frequently and see if dose adjustment would be necessary. Please talk with your doctor if you have further concern about this drug therapy.

can augmentin and levaquin be taken together?

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FYI: anytime you take an antibiotic you risk getting a yeast infection. The way the antibiotics work causes an imbalance in your body that results in an overabundance of yeast. I normally remind the doc that I need something for yeast to go along w/the antibiotics.

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Is it ok to take probiotics (i.e. Phillips Colon Health) while taking Augmentin at the same time? I'm already taking the probiotics to help keep me regular, but have not taken it the past week (over Thanksgiving). Will this counteract the Augmentin or make my sinus infection worse? Thanks!

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Can augmentin cause stomach cramps?

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My Urologist prescribed Augmentin to treat me for chronic bacterial prostatitis. Now, I wonder if the drug was intended to treat this type of condition, but I do have the utmost faith in my Urologist. Has anyone else been prescribed this medication for a similar condtion?

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What are the side effects of Augmentin?

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If this medication is givin for a rash or eczema then I don't know why it was given to me for a viral infection? I didn't know when the Dr. prescribed this for me that it was for a rash? I didn't have a rash........It also caused a yeast infection. I did have some diarrhea but it was mild.

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what will be other possibile medication if i will not cure of it.

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I too have had intestinal issues with this medication -- more in the form of "leakage" of diarrhea. I have developed a rash like an yeast infection but with burning and itching in my rectum and surrounding area. Not sure if this is from the said medication, one of the several shots given me four days ago for spider bite (Hobo or Black Widow) or a new medication I just tried for migraine (Treximet).

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This particular antibiotic gave me very severe harsh intestinal symptoms in the form of explosive diarrhea at its worst! Rather than stop the med, I started eating Aptivia yogurt and the problem quickly resolved. Immodium had no effect. Of course, my problems occurred over a weekend, when my doctor was not on call and the on call doctors would not change anything because they didn't know me. Thank goodness for the Aptivia. I now keep a bottle of Florastor , recommended by my pharmacist, on hand for the next time I need an antibiotic.

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