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Has anyone had bad interactions with any blood pressure meds?
If so, which ones?
Are there any that have worked well for you?
I am on just 10 mg./day of hydrocortisone for my secondary adrenal insufficiency; however, I also take 60 mg. of Armour Thyroid.
Thank you.

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I take 25 mgs hydrocortisone per day due to pituitary dysfunction after having a cyst removed from my pit. gland.(My adrenals work fine but the message from my pit. gland doesn't get sent to produce cortisol so I have to take hydrocortisone to replace what my body is not making).Pharmacists tell me I shouldn't take ibuprofen since that w/ hydrocortisone can cause serious gastric/digestion issues.I have inflamation in my arm due to tennis elbow.What can I take to help w/the inflamation?

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I was diagnosed with Hepatitis-C in 1996 - I'd had the viral liver infection for 30 years w/o knowing. I was told to do Interferon or maybe die (only 20% chance of Interferon working). I did the Interferon for over a year. Month 6 I became deathly ill and never recovered after stopping treatment. Dx'd with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. Wrong. 7 years of living like zombie & 1000's of tests. Finally Dx'd with Addison's! Cortef brought me back to the land of the living. Sort of. I miss my adrenals

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I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with addison's disease 11 years ago. I take 20 mg of cortef in the a.m. and 5 mg in the pm. I double or triple my dose with stress. In the event of an emergency I get the injection form, Cortisol, pushed through my IV line. I have experienced weight gain, fatigue, and joint pain since my diagnosis. My mom had diabetes and thyroid disorder and I was told I was born with a predisposition to an autoimmune condition. I am on Cortef for life. I also take .1 mg of florinef. I was just prescribed Requip for restless leg syndrome.

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I have adrenal insufficiency. Had 2 pituitary adenomas removed, one in 1986 and another in 1996 with the second surgery having my pituitary removed. I have been on hydrocortisone (cortef) 15 mg since and was not aware of the side effects of taking this medication. I also have hypothyroidism and also take Levothyroxine (100 mcg). I also agree that my legs hurt when I get up to walk after sitting and they feel better after I walk but, I also feel very fatigued.
I am seeing an endrocrinologist and he is making sure I am taking the correct dose. Endocrinologist are specialist that will determine what dose is going to work for every different patient. No two patients are alike. Therefore, I suggest that you see an Endocrinologist and explain the symptoms you are feeling.

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I am on Hydrocortisone for possible having addison disease, extremely low blood pressure, diarrhea, skin darkening, loss of weight. I was down to 80 lbs at 5'6". Also fainting, and dizzy. I have been on the hydrocortisone for 10 years. Taken 40 mg a day. Now my legs are aching to the point I have trouble walking. I have high blood pressure due to the hydrocortisone. and just had a Heart Attack. and the doctors can not really find a reason for any of the symptoms. also have IBS. If anyone is having this trouble I would be interested in hearing from you.

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I would get more tests done, but the cortisone doesn't cause the high blood pressure with me. As far as possible addisons they should be able to know for sure. I am sure they have checked the ACTH ( not sure thats the order of letters) and cortisol levels. I have no adrenals, and have taken cortisone since a few weeks old. I do not have addisons disease. I konw my legs hurt when I get up to walk after sitting and they feel better after I walk. I do hope they can help you, or refer you to a good endocrinologist. Good luck to you.

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You may also be hypothyroid and not know it. It could be borderline, or your body could be making thyroid but not be able to absorb it correctly (but a blood test will not be able to tell that), which is called Hypothyroidism Type 2. The adrenals are connected to every hormone in your body and are influenced by thyroid. I would look into taking dessicated thyroid and not the synthroid since synthroid users really don't get better when those who take dessicated thyroid do.

I recently read this book: Hypothyroidism Type 2 by Dr. Mark Starr. Read it. It has really helped me.

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I have no adrenals, having been removed at the age of 8 years old. I have a condition known as adrenalgenital syndrom/ salt loser. I have taken cortisone since a few weeks old. I take 30mgs of cortisone and 1.0mg of florinef. I have been improperly treated by endocrynologists many times and can only suggest to others to get second opinions. I research my condition and I know as much about it as possible. Prednisone (Solumedrol) is often given by mistake and is not for the treatment of adrenal insufficiency and I have listed it as an alergy to keep from being given it.

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i have a hyprotrophic scar in my left ear and my dermatologist injected me with a steroid needle and i had a terrible itchness so my doctor gave me this cream sample to try.

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I have had Lyme disease for 6 years and my adrenals were damaged as a result. I have been on Cortef for over 2 years and getting ready for another sputum test to see about going off of the cortef. I have noticed some leg aches lately which I have not experienced before. I am on 10mg a day.

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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 years ago,hypothyroid(T3/T4)and adrenal insufficiency 2 years ago. I take 20mg. cortisol natural. I take one dose in the morning.I started out at 5mg. and it was increased until I could start coping with any kind of stress. By late afternoon I start feeling stressed again. Does the multiple doses, lower mg. work better?
Also why must a medical alert bracelet be worn?

female 45years old

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In patients with adrenal insufficiency, cortisone is given to help the body deal with stressors. If, like me, you have little to no adrenal function, lack of cortisone can cause serious illness or death. I have hypopituitarism as well as adrenal insufficiency, and at one time did not follow through with my course of medications, and found myself in an ambulance with negligible blood pressure. That is why we wear our medic alert bracelets.

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I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis last January and have been taking Cortef since then. I am down to 20 mg. 4 times daily but am still having difficulty keeping the symptoms of the disease under control.

In addition to weight gain (about 15-20 pounds), I have developed high blood pressure and I'm being treated for that as well. Further, I have a sensitivity to Cortef which makes me hyperactive, so I must also take a small dose of a time released Xanax daily so that I can live a relative normal life. Without the Xanax, I was like the "energizer bunny" and would go non-stop, day and night, until I was so exhausted I would literally collapse and of course my condition could not improve.

I too had difficulty with broken blood vessels but that seems to have diminished with the decreased dosage.

I'd be interested in hearing from others who are being treated with Cortef for this disease.

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I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency a year ago although the ACTH test showed that I didn't have it. I've been on cortef ever since. I'm retaining water, I've gained 50 pounds, my skin is all blotched with broken blood vessels, I have acid reflux, etc. I went to other endrocronologists who say I didn't have Addisons a year ago but now I do. I'm so frustrated. I collapse when I smell strong smells like perfume, cigarette smoke, room fresheners, so I'm pretty isolated. Has anyone experienced this?

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From the effects you're reporting, it sounds like your Cortef dose is too high. (Those are the classic symptoms of too much corticosteroid.) If you don't mind me asking, what dose are you taking?

I myself was diagnosed with Addison's only recently, but I've been helping friends who have it for quite some time, and I've done a lot of research. I can refer you to some good resources and support groups if you'd like.

One note: an endocrinologist can't really say that you have Addison's now unless you've weaned all the way off of steroids to be retested. (A difficult and dangerous process, in my opinion.) After a while, the presence of replacement steroids (Cortef or the like) causes the pituitary to shut down production of ACTH (secondary adrenal insufficiency), and it takes some time for it to recover.

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I am secondary addisons disease and replace at 15mg. per day. So far, the only side effect I've had is cataracts.

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What is considered long term dosing? How serious is taking this drug for Adrenal Insufficiency over 6 1/2 years. I am concerened about the side effects. What is the Off Label use of drugs and why are doctors allowed to do this and not tell the patient?

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I have taken Hydrocortisone since the mid-'90s. At first I was put on dexamethasone, but was over-medicated and my adrenals were completely burnt out for 2 years, plus a 30 pound weight gain!

I have Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency and started at 30mg./day but am now at 15mg. I was told that as long as you stay at 30mgs. or less per day that you are on a 'therapeutic' dose, and it is not harmful to your organs--has anyone heard differently??

I had horrific body pain: muscles, joints, etc. that was greatly improved after starting meds, but it didn't go away totally. I was misdagnosed with R.A., C.F.S. and Fibromyalgia. FINALLY, in 2001, I was put on Armour Thyroid for low thyroid and the pain magically went away! Keep pressing your doctor for further testing, if you don't feel that you are truly getting better!


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Prescription is for 10mg Tablets; Dosing is as follows: Take Two (2) 10mg Tablets in the Morning; Take 1/2 Tablet at Lunch; Take 1/2 Tablet at Dinner, No Later than 7:00pm. May take up to 4-Tablets Per Day As Needed For Stress Dosing. Medication is Prescribed for Secondary Addison's Disease (Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency) Maintenance Medication - Steroid Replacement Therapy. Patient Must Wear Medic-Alert Bracelet At All Times.

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UPDATED DOSING INFORMATION: Prescription is NOW for 5mg Tablets; Dosing is as follows: Take Three (3) 5mg Tablets in the Morning; Take One (1) 5mg Tablet at Lunch (3:00pm); Take One (1) 5mg Tablet at Dinner, No Later than 7:00pm. May take up to 12-Tablets Per Day As Needed For Stress Dosing. Medication is Prescribed for Secondary Addison's Disease (Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency) Maintenance Medication - Steroid Replacement Therapy. Patient Must Wear Medic-Alert Bracelet At All Times. Ultimate goal is to titrate down to around 15mg to 20mg total daily dosage, if possible.

NOTE: Moved to 5mg Tablets from 10mg Tablets because 10mg Tablets too difficult to break consistently with patient's arthritic hands.

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