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I guess I am allergic to tramadol. Within 3 days of taking, i had a full blown seizure which resulted in me breaking my back in 2 places and creating a disc resting upon my spinal sac-all of which werent there before. I suffer from chronic back pain...

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pain medication's

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I was on Ultram/Tramadol for 17 years for nerve damage. Last year I went into full cardiac arrest and was revived. The FDA started a 10 year study on Tramadol in 2005 and found that 81 people had very adverse reactions, hearing and eye sight loss (Photophobia), and full cardiac arrest, this is why the medicine as of 10/14 is a level four narcotic. My 6 Neurologists agree there is good benefit with this drug but you need to be careful when taking this FOR MORE THAN A FEW YEARS.

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I used Ultram 15 yrs. ago and is a great Chronic Pain relief Medication for me!
I stopped TAKING Hydrocodone because of the high controlled SUBSTANCE ABUSE
Since 10/31/2014! You can only get it with a triple script!

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As I am allergic to codeine, my doctor prescribed Tramadol HCI for my recurring back problem. I cut the 50mg tablet in half, as a full dose is too much for me to take at once. Works wonders.

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My husband suffers from restless leg syndrome and had taken other medicines to no avail. He now takes Tramadol HCL 50 mg twice a day. (one in the morning and one in the evening). Before Tramadol, he would shake his legs to soothe them during the day and at bedtime he had to literally pound on the bed to be able to sleep. He lost a lot of sleep and so did I with the pounding!
He is very satisfied and is able to function well with the medicine. He says it's a God sent!

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Been taking Tramadol 50 MG 2x a day with no activity it works great. But if active have to double it. Plus with Meloxicam I have to double that also for it to even touch the pain. Arthritis in the back and feet, along with Stenosis and Degenertive Disc Disease in the back.

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I have been using it for fibromyalgia for years. It still works great. I still take the same dosage I started with...100mg twice a day. It works in about 20 minutes and I am good for all day. Once my pain is gone, my energy level comes back up.

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It makes me itch, and feel weird

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I'm a retired OB Physician's Assist'nt with a grocery list of pain: from having arthritis to occipital neuralgia. Tramdol has been a blessing and a curse. It's been a blessing for the arthritis but my migraines have suffered more. Guess that old cliche's true: you can please with some things and can't please them all.

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tengo 61 años y llevo tomando tramadol 400 mg todos los dias desde hace 2 años que caí enfermo de estenosis del canal lumbar y de protusion discal degenerativa y dos hernias y si no tomo el tramadol no seria capaz de andar derecho o levantarme de la cama pero noto que cuando me olvido de tomarlo por unas horas me noto como depresión y solo tengo ganas como de morirme después lo tomo y me pongo de buen humor y tengo ganas de salir a pasear y vivir

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I just started taking tramadol 100 ER. Only take one a day, but am supposed to take two a day in a few days. Should I try stopping my RL med mirapex, 1 gr so I don't over do . Am very sleepy during the day, but LOVE the lack of arthritis pain. Am sleeping well again, and can walk pretty well and pain free. Good drug so far!

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70 yr old female , only on Tramadol ER 100 for 4 days; what a wonderful help for arthritis! Am finally sleeping at night and walking much better. I can go up and down stairs almost normally now. My mood has lifted since pain is so much less. meloxicam gave me abscess and blockage in intestine. Concerned about this happening again with Tramadol. So far I love this drug.

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I am a 67 year old female and my doctor prescribed tramadol for relief of arthritis pain. I find that it has helped quite a bit in relieving the pain and keeping me on an even keel, in order to maintain my regular activities.

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my doctor told me to discontinue dolol as it only increased my tendency to lose my balance and fall.
75 yr old male

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