Codipar (Acetaminophen)


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I love this medicine

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I have taken hydrocodone for 14 years, 7.5, 3X a day for severe OA, PPS, FMS and migraine. I have never gone up on the dosage or abused it. I can also say it has never given me a "buzz" or made me feel euphoric. Because it brings my pain levels down into a tolerable range, I am able to work enough to be eligible for health insurance and make my own way in life. Otherwise I would be on SSD and severely limited in mobility and quality of life.

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I take Tylenol for pain related to my neck and my back as well as my arms. It works really well.

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Is Tylenol PM addictive?

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It is hard on your liver, so consider how much you want to use it

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not sure

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My primary doctor prescribed this for my neck/back pain it's useless I have been dealing with my conditions for years this medicine doesn't help and no doctor should want a patient in pain I hate taking medications because there are so many side effects so give me something that is going to work.

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55 year old Male with epilepsy and I do get major Headaches. acitophem I get a bounce back headache comes back really fast, and sometimes worse.ask Dr. about Tynenol he says be careful HOW MANY or how many times a week as they are hard on a liver. 2 aday for 3-4 days OK more than and he took blood to check it said no problems. but be aware too much is BAD for ya. so I tough through the ones that aren't so bad that I can't look at daylight

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I know what you mean about major headaches. I get migraines that put me in the bed sometimes for 2-3 days. My doctor put me on a medication called Relpax I have had no side effects at all with this drug. Talk to your doctor about this one to see if it will work with your current medications or not. I also wear shades even in my house on days that I seem light sensitive some days more than others. I know what your going through with this but maybe this will be a help. God Bless you!

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I have taken Darvocet for pain when it is bad, and used the Tylenol for mild to moderate pain days. Unfortunately I am finding when I take the Tylenol I tend to have bladder irritations crop up the next day. Aspirin helps but irritates my Hiatal Hernia. So I try to avoid pain meds unless I really need it. I guess we all need to make decisions on what we want to live with, the pain or the side effects.

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One of the side effects of Tyenol can be bladder irritations, among other things. Plus, if you take too much, it can damage your liver. Aspirin would irritate a hiatal hernia. I used to have an ulcer, and couldn't take aspirin, or anything with aspirin in it. While it's been healed for some time now, I don't take it because I'm afraid to. Tylenol can give me heartburn, so I hate to think what aspirin would do.You should talk to your doc and tell him or her what happens when you take the various medications. There are medications that are great for pain that don't have either aspirin or tylenol in them. But docs are so used to prescribing them, because tylenol and aspirin help with pain reduction - a long as you don't get bad side effects from them! Don't think your reaction is too small to mention. Make notes in a small notebook or your date book so you don't forget to tell the doc what has been going on.

Good luck!!

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What does a parent use for a 4 year old with a fever? Also, her doctor recommends a dose of Tylenol before having vaccinations. What is a substitute?

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My baby just had his two month shots last week and we bought in the Equaline pain and fever reducer. This product is NOT made by the people who make Tylenol. Our ped said it was okay to give to him. We picked it up in CVS. Hope this helps!

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I take Hydrocodone/Acidemephen every 8 hours. I have had 2 unsuccessful cervical fusions and the pain in my head, neck and shoulders is so severe that the medication doesn't seem to help. However, I have tried to take only over the counter medications instead and my pain becomes unbearable then.
If anyone has suggestions I am open to hearing them.

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I hope you haven't had another surgery. I've had 3 back surgeries. Failed because I still have a lot of pain.Desperate people do desperate things. OTC meds aren't going to help. You need to see a pain specialist, unless your doc will agree to give you stronger medications so you can function. The hydrocodone doesn't last 8 hours.It only lasts 4 hrs at best. Unless your doc will prescribe better pains meds, go see a pain doc who will.

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I am allergic to most pain meds, however a physical therapist suggested I try the tens unit it does help some especially if I use it before the pain gets terrible I have not yet had fusion but have two disks that that go in and out in my neck I also use a traction unit when it is very bad.-- I prefer not having to take drugs if I can of any kind due to reactions and health concerns.

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I am currently taking 2 Reg Strenght Tylenol ( 2X325mg)three times a day for arthritis pain. My Dr. agrees that this is a safe dosage. My liver function tests have been normal. I try to keep it to twice a day (i.e.650mg twice a day) when the pain is well controlled. Can I keep this up indefinitely?

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tylenol doesn't really do the job for me especially when i'm on my menstrual cycle i be needing something that's gonna nock out the pain not just keep staying there and tylenol doesn't do the job.

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try using ascriptin red or blue box . blue is stronger

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I Have Been Taking Tyenol For A While, An It Helps With The Pain Alot.

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Very helpful

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