Azasan (Azathioprine)


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I have had Crohns since 2005. Had 9 infusions of remicade. Went into remission. Take 1200 mg of asacol and 150 mg of imuran daily, blood work up every 3 months. No side effects. Flares not very often. Asked doctor about reducing meds. Told to stay on meds forever. Dr did study on imuran's possible long term effects - 12% chance of cancer or other side effects. Had scan for renal function, found small cist on kidney. May not be caused by meds.
69 years old male

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tome aziatropina por dos meses aproximadamente por la enfermedad de takayazu y en lo personal tuve muchos efectos secundarios entre ellos muchos problemas gastricos , diarreas, nauseas ,y sudoracion eccesiva , mareos todo esto fue con pastilla imedia esto es con 75mg de aziatropina IMURAN .Tuve que dejar el medicamento y despues de 15 dias aproximadamente de desintoxicacion se me cambio por metrotexate.

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Multiple diagnoses incl Lupus, Sjogrens, ONJ, osteoporosis. Took Methotrexate/amethopterin Dec-2002 to May-2003; stopped from serious side effects.
Started Imuran/azathioprine in May-2004 at 100gm/day, and still take it. Hoped it would eliminate Prednisone, but it never happened. I had weight gain & bone loss from the Pred, so I can't blame it on Imuran. I have blood tests every 2 mo, & they are always abnormal, LOL (multiple health issues). I will take Imuran forever, & believes it helps.

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I have been on Imuran for 4 years for Crohns Disease. I haven't noticed any issues but about a 20 pd weight gain over the past 2 years. Can this weight be taken off if I continue to take the imuran but exercise. I take 75 mg a day. What are the risks of the cancer with this low dose?


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I am no longer taking this medication, it caused my liver enzymes to go sky high, and caused jaundice eyes.

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I have been on 200mg a day of Imuran for 17 years for Myasthenia Gravis. My WBC is a bit low, but right where the neurologist wants it to be. I have had no side effects at all. My weight gain was from Prednisone, but I'm not taking that anymore so the weight is gone. My concern now, is this new cancer that Imuran is causing.

55 Female

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I also have Myasthenia Gravis---almost 4 years. I am on 150 mgs daily. I went up to 200mgs but my liver enzymes shot up at 2 different times & I had to be taken off it each time. I am doing ok on 150, but my WBC is still not where the doctor wants it. I am very concerned about this rare cancer. Can it be caught in the blood work?

My weight gain came from the Prednisone. I don't believe I've gained much from Imuran.

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I've been taking the imuran for about a month for my mixed connective tissue diesae. I notice headach,more tired,feel sick in my stomach. I'll give it time but I've had trouble with other meds and had to swich.

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I been on imuran for 5 years, blood work is fine, no weight gain from it. The only thing was i had to start taking imuran at night because it made me nausea. I have crohn's disease. Hope it never comes back. Presidone was the medicine that gives you the weight gain.

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I am also on prednisone and imuran for connective tissue/autoimmune problems, especially severe fatigue. I just started Plaquenil and it is working wonders for me. Tolerating it very well and in just three months of Plaquenil I am 50% better. It takes 6 months to get the maximum effect, so I am hopeful for a full recovery. Maybe ask your doctor if a trial might be ok....good luck.

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I have been taking Azathioprine 15+ yrs for Crohns Disease. Early on, the only side effect I noticed was headaches. Yeah, I've gained weight, but not like with Prednisone. I get a CBC every 3 months. 2yrs ago I discovered a tumor on my Kidney. It was Renal Cell Carcinoma. It was caught early, no mets to date. I was told that Azathioprine is more likely to be linked to Lymphoma than Renal Cell Cancer. So, I'm still taking the drug.

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I had to be taken off of Imuran after a few months since it caused my liver enzymes to become very elevated.

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I've been on Azathioprine since May 2006 for autoimmune hepatitis. I've not had any side effects that I can tell and it's keeping the flare ups at bay, so I'll stick with it. A year ago my specialist did a bone density scan which makes me think it can affect that, and now I've discovered I have advanced bone loss in my jaw. Has anyone else encountered this?

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I've been on this for over a year now and it seems to be doing what it was meant to do regarding my liver but just recently I'm getting a lot of "popping" in my joints that I've seldomed experienced. If I move quickly, like turning my head, I experience the sound of joints "popping", happens in my spine, neck right on down to my lower back. Will be checking with my dr.s to see what maybe causing this, might not be this med.

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I took Imuran for 13 years to treat severe UC, my liver enzymes went up,had aweful fatigue, water retention,weight gain,hair loss,sores on mouth, cuts, sores took longer time to heal, upset digestion,nausea, could not tell if I was sick or if it was "just the imuran." Had "growths",warts on my skin that would not go away,6 months after I stopped the imuran the "warts" are gone.Hope this helps someone. Imuran can be a life saver, but use with caution.

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Hi i am being put on azathioprine for desquamative interstinal pneumonia which is a lung problems. has anyone else been put on azathioprine for this reason. 45 year old female

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Having been on Imuran to treat my UC for about 6 months I contracted pancreatitis.

As my UC was in remission I am an now off all meds

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Has anyone taken Imuran for Multiple Sclerosis? I sure would like some feedback if you are or have taken it for that.

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I've been on Imuran for a month, combined with Prednisone (which I'll be weaned off in the next few weeks) to treat my Colitis.

It has stopped all the UC symptons and I've experienced no side effects yet..

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i am on imuran 150mg daily for sarcoidosis and have noiced my weight plumeting upwards has anybody else noticed weight gain

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Hi yes I have experienced weight gain from Imuran I have been on 200 mg. of Imuran for about 1yr and half after being on predizone for another 1yr , which had weight gain from that and now with imuran

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I have been on Imuran, Prednisone and Ursodiol for 2 years now and I have gained 73 lbs.!!!!! I also have the moon face and the buffalo hump.It's a love, hate relationship with these meds. I take them for autoimmune chronic hepatitis. My symtoms were high liver blood count,( in the hundreds),upper body itch,ears and scalp itch,severe pain in my knees and hands and a feeling in my fingers like they were going to explode.These meds. helped me alot, but I got all the side effects.

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I was on 50 mg. Imuran and 50 prednisone for 9 months (to treat autoimmune hepatitis), and gained 30 lbs. My doctor slowly eliminated the prednisone, but increased the Imuran to 100 mg. and I gained 5 more lbs. I am fatigued, depressed and have constantly irritated, inflamed and swollen lips, which make going out in public a nightmare. I am not taking any other medications. I think I'd rather have liver failure.

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I am on 200 mgs and yes I have gained some weight from it. I am taking it for Myasthenia Gravis though.

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I have been on Imuran since 02-07 for MG. I was taking 200 MG per day. The dr has recently increased it to 250 MG per day. In 06-08, it was increased gradually to 350mg per day and I started having liver problems. They decreased the amount to 200 MG and everything got better but the MG. Now the dr is attempting to increase it more slowly. Other than that one incident, I have had no problems.

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My specialist wants to try me on Imuran. I had a history of Ulcerative Colitis. I have an ileostomy with an internal pouch constructed inside which I can not use at the moment. I have recently got Fistula's which are constanly returning around the anal area which they say could is crohn's. My specialist is going to try me on IMURAN to hopefully resolve my problem. Has anyone tried IMURAN for these problems (Fistula's)....Have they worked and what side effects did you get if any from the drugs?

Any help would do.

28 yr old male

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I have had Crohns disease for over 20 years and have been tried most of the meds out there. I have been on Imuran off and on for about 5 years and haven't had any real side effects. The only real issues are that you have to have monthly blood work to make sure that you are not having liver problems and you need to take antibiotics before surgery or dental visits. Otherwise it seems to do a fairly good job of keeping my crohns under control.

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Who informed you of the need to take antibiotics before dental work? I have managed a dental office for the past 25 yrs. and also have a daughter with UC on Imuran and according to the guidelines put forth by the AMA & ADA there is no need to "PRE-MED" with antibiotics for the reason you stated.

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I have been on azathiorpine for 5 years for autoimune hepititas I dont have any side effects from this drug I have had a test for my white cel count and that is fine I take 50mg in the morning and 25mg at night. I am 67 years old and had always been fit and healthy until Autoimune hepititas came along and got me, quite unusual for a lady of my age.I still work full time as a carer in aresidential facility which is hard manual work.

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I take Imuran everyday also and have since 1996. Right now I am on 100mg once a day. I take it each morning. I do not seem to have any problems with it. I am now considered in remission with my autoimmune hepatitis. If you have any questions let me know. I am 46 now and we women are more prone to it than the men are.

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I am on this drug for autoimmune liver disease. I do not experience any noticable side effects, and it has allowed me to discontinue prednisone, which has devastating side effects when taken long term. I will be on this indefinately, as long term survival rate is markedly reduced in untreated individuals with Autoimmune Hepatitis compared to those who are treated. In fact, treatment returns long term survival rates to normal. Taking it is a no brainer-even with it's known side effects.
There is a blood test that you should take prior to using this drug to avoid a specific serioous side effect.

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I take 200 mg of this drug a day for rheumatoid arthritis. It's side effects are really scary but it has given me my life back. I am tolerating it well and my labs show no toxicity.

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I am also on this medication for Crohn's. People with auto-immune diseases have hyper immune systems that work against them. This medication suppresses or takes the immune system out of "hyper" mode and brings it to a normal level so your body won't reject itself as it does with auto-immune diseases. However, the down side is that it makes you more susceptible to getting regular infections and viruses.

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I was put on this drug after being diagnosed with auto immune liver disease in 2001. They told me at that time it was an experimental drug-which I could not find on the internet; since then, I HAVE found it and found that it is used as treatment for transplant patients! I did NOT have a liver transplant, yet am told that I will have to be on it for the rest of my life. My liver function is back to normal, and I have gone several months one time without taking the drug with no ill side effects. I am back on it since insurance pays for it now, but to be honest, can not tell a difference from when I COULDN"T afford to pay for it.

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