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I had to switch from Asacol to Lialda when the manufacturer stopped making Asacol. After a couple of weeks I had the first recurrence of UC in about 15 years. My doctor switched me to Delzilicol. I had to start taking Prednisone for the first time in years.

Not a happy user of Lialda

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Hi - I'm a 38 year old male with Crohns disease. I was put on 2000mg a day. Is that a lot? I know nothing of this drug. any input is appreciated.

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I am on 3200mg daily for mild crohns. No problems

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No that is not a lot. My experience has been most medications for IBD require large doses.

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Have been on 4 grams of Pentasa a day for more than 15 years and I am unsure that it does anything positive. I have Crohn's Disease.

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Forgot to mention in earlier post that I am on Asacol 800mg 3x daily

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I was on 9 X 800 mg per day for years...more than 10 years. I took 5 in the morning and 4 each night. Last week I was told Asacol was being discontinued and they changed me over to something new. So far with mixed results.

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Just diagnosed with UC earlier this month...65 year old male. 800mg x 3 daily. Don't know if it's working or not but less pain in abdominal area. How does alcohol use affect UC?

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Depends on the type of alcohol, amount consumed, severity of symptoms and whether the drug in question interacts. Same applies to certain foods. Suggest you start a food/beverage journal and keep a record of intake and any effects. I can tell you, after having UC and Crohn's for over 40 years that the things I can consume differ greatly from those friends who have the same condition can consume! Specific example: One glass of white or red wine, with food, OK. Two? Automatic Diarrhea

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32 yo F diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis within the last year, but a sufferer since 2001. Lialds helped within the first few hours of taking it. Sometimes I need to up the dose for additional help, especially if I am having a flare, but other than that, it's been great. I take two pills once a day in the morning, and two more around dinner time if necessary. No other side effects noted.

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I had a reverse reaction to Asacol. It made my Ulcerative Colitis worse. The more the dosage was increased, the worse I got. I ultimately had to have my colon removed and now have a permanent ileostomy.

68 y/o female

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I'm a 66 yr. old female diagnosed with colorectal cancer, UC & crohn 13 yrs ago. My doctor recommended a permanent colostomy. I went to MSKCC and had surgery eliminating colostomy to reconstruction. I'm taking asacol for 13 years 4 tablets 3 x a day. I also taking oligomeric Proanthocyanidins/antioxidant (opc3). On my last colonoscopy al my UC & crohn were gone and my colon is clean. My doctor will not see me in 4 fours. My oncologist said my antioxidant help healed my colon. I'm still taking asacol.

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I was diagnosed with UC 10 years ago. I have been on Asacol for most of that time. I have to watch what I eat very closely, and even when I do I still have bad days. I have had many flareups, twice causing hospitalization. I have been on Asacol 400 and Asaco lHD. About 4 months ago, I lost my coverage for this product due to a change in my insurance status. It has been problematic for me because I have limited funds, in fact I retired last year. I returned to 400mg and take only only 1600mg daily. This does seem to work fairly well. I would love to see a product on the market that is less expensive and easier to take.

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I agree that Asacol is very overpriced. I also lost my ins. due to shop closing. I am 64 and was dianosed with Crohns in '06. I was taking 9 asacol (3x3)400 . Then went to HD (800) 2x2 a day. My flares are all over the place. I try to watch my food, but the reaction changes from time to time. I had the resection in 06, then ran out of meds in 08 and ended up in the hospital. Put me on steroids.....yuk. Now my new GI is very kind and gives my samples when he can.

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You should ask your Dr. about a drug called Lialda, it's the same as asacol. The good thing is you take less but it probably will cost about same, Also mail-order from ExpessScripts is the way to go.

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Lialda is the same active ingredient as Asacol. However, the delivery is not exactly the same. I had a decade of no UC flares with Asacol. After a couple of weeks on Lialda I had the first flare in about 15 years.

Every patient is different and has different reactions to any drug.

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I was paying $25 copay through my insurance for 90 tablets of 800mg Asacol (1 month supply). While at the doctor's office recently I noticed a flyer with a Patient Savings Card attached. With that card I paid no copay at all this last refill. Check with your doctor or call 1-800-899-2330 for information about this program. It is apparently through the manufacturer of Asacol HD. Not everyone qualifies for the zero copay but it's worth calling or checking with your doctor.

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I have been living with UC for over 11 years now and have been taking Asacol and now Asacol HD which works well for me and I only have to take 4 pills per day. I have also changed my diet and decreased the diary products and red meats which have kept me in remission for awhile now. With continued research I feel as though a cure is forthcoming and everyone suffering from UC will be able to live a normal life.

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I have better control of ulcerative proctitis with Canasa. I won't be able to get any more of the drug because it is way too expensive.

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I was diagnoised with Crohn's Disease in 2005. I've been using Asacol since and have not had any side effects to the medication. It has kept my disease under control most of the time.

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I've been on Apriso for almost 2 year and besides the cost it has been working wonderful in conjunction with my other meds (6-mg and Cimzia.) I have mod-severe Crohn's and have been hospitalized 4 times with the most severe resulting in not eating for 6 weeks with a PICC line and TPN. I've tried all of the other mesalamines (Asacol, Pentasa, and Colazol) and they all resulted in alopecia. So, its great that Apriso works so well for me. Plus its only taken BID, so I'm much more compliant.

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Was diagnosed with UC back in January. Put on Apriso has worked quite well so far. My biggest thing is the cost WOW ! Even with my Insurance co pay . At this time I am still learning what foods set me off to the rest room

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I have been on medication for Crohn's Disease since the 1980's and although the medication has helped to some degree during that time my side effects were becoming more aggrevating than the disease. I was spending half of my time or more in the bathroom with constant diarrhea!!!!! Without my doctor's advice I discontinued my medication and after a couple of weeks the side effects have ceased. It is such a relief to be able to go about my life without constantly seeking a bathroom!!!!! It could be that my disease is just in remission for the present and that I will eventually need some medication but for now I feel wonderfully free!

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I was put on Pentasa in the summer as my first treatment for my UC. All went well for a few weeks and I seemed to be in remission. Then in a matter of a week the symptoms came back extremely quickly.. then I started to feel really ill, as if I had a flu. I was admitted to hospital (I was actually tested for H1N1 at first) and diagnosed with Pneumonia. Although not conclusive the staff thought it was a type of Eosinophilic pneumonia and blamed that on a rare but known reaction to Pentasa.

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Hi All,

Just last week i was diagnosed with UC with the complete Colon.Am suffering from frequent bowel,urgency to toilet,blood in stools,diahrea some times.But i hope its completely curable in yoga.I was prescribed with tablet Mesacol.i have confident that we can cure it but we need to try it with proper diet,exercise,yoga at least for 6 months.

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Darlin', there is no CURE. I am 62 and have had a combination of UC and Crohn's for 46 years (first diagnosed when I was 16). It has all been in REMISSION for around 10 years but only because I continue to take my meds, which include Asacol (8 400 mg capsules a day). Be happy that you are able to do the Yoga...I have had bouts where the only exercise I have been capable of is walking from the bed to the bathroom and back!

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i am 27 years old. developed chron's/ colitis when i was 16. took asacol for about 6 months and then was switched to pentasa- asacol would pass right through me. i lead an extremely normal life (whatever normal is) but worry about the long term side effects of taking a drug for the past 11 years... also, what am i supposed to do when i decide to have a baby?

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My GI guy has told me many times that it is normal to pass the coded shell of the pill. He said that the med is actually absorbed but the coding often passes. Consider yourself lucky to only be on one med for Crohn's and that its one of the safer ones to be on. As far as getting pregnant, you should have no problems with close supervision. Most pregnant women will remain in remission throughout their pregnancy and even up to 2 years postpartum. A good relationship with your GI doc is key. Luck!

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I was started on Asacol just 1 month ago for a new ulceration in my colon but though it has helped a little with the pain it didn't help with the diarrhea, in fact it got so bad I had to quit taking it. I am also on coumadin for life and it seriously messed with my prothrombin levels and INR's. As for the diarrhea?? I reread the pharmacy info that came with it and, who would have guessed since my doctor told me it would help with the diarrhea from IBS, one of the side effects is DIARRHEA (constipation also). I am very disappointed in this medication.

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I have recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and already had developed Osteo Arthritis, years ago. I take Lialda now (7 weeks into it). My arthritis pain has gotten worse since I began the medication, even keeping me awake some nights with throbbing in my feet, knees, and hands (I never experienced that before). Bone knots on my thumbs are enlarging at a rate you can almost see happening. I have more actual upper stomache pain than I had before. The colitis is better. What on earth? I know colitis can go hand-in-hand with the arthritis, but there were no signs of the colitis until years after the arthritis. Similar experiences out there?

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I have had OA for about 20 years, both of my daughters are showing signs of it. One daughter is 48 and the other one is 38 years old. I was diagnosed with UC 10 years ago, and my GI at that time told me that the OA and UC have a direct link. In fact she told me I probably had the UC much earlier than I realized because I had IBD for years before the symptoms became worse and developed into UC. I haven't mentioned this to my daughters, and I hope they don't develop UC in the future.

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Family histories of OA run hand-in-hand with UC and/or Crohns. My Mother and her side of the family contributed the genetic predisposition to OA and my Dad's contributed the gut issues. Lucky me (:) I got both. They are both inflammatory diseases, related to immune system dysfunction. Often treatable by the same meds. Remicade comes to mind. I am allergic to it but I know people who have benefited from it as well as Humira.

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i have been taking asacol for about 6 years now. i had been spending several hours a day in the bathroom, with severe bleeding. now i dont have flareups but about once a year if that, and they are not severe anymore. my blood test are great, and my yearly colonoscopies are looking better every year! i started eating alot of fish instead of red meat and do not drink sodas anymore, lots of water, i feel great!!

48 year old female

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i whish there was some sort of web site with foods that are good for us to eat? i"m tired of guessing! whats good whats bad.55 year old male

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Doesn't matter. Such websites are recommendations only. Every UC or Crohn's patient has his/her own food problems. I cannot handle chocolate or dairy well but I have a friend with severe Crohns who has no issues at all with chocolate. Most people with such disorders cannot handle sodas but I do fine with them. You need to keep a food diary: list what you eat and if you have issues. You will eventually learn what works for you.

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I stay away from everything that has artificial sweeteners. Aspartame along with others is the culprit of many things including making us all feel terrible if we drink or eat it.
This past July I discovered I drank Sprite ZERO without knowing as someone made me a few vodka drinks. I found this site. www.sweetpoison.com . You'll be amazed at what this man made sweetener does to the body and also what it is in including, low-fat yogurt, cereals, rice cakes, juices, crystal light etc

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After taking Asacol for several years with mixed results my G.I. doc suggested a new formulation of mesamalamine called Lialda which has worked great for me. It is very similar to Asacol but it is absorbed in the digestive tract differently allowing you to take less pills per day but the same or more milligrams. I used to have to take up to 12 Asacol per day now I'm only taking 2 or 3 Lialda per day, once every morning. Much easier to stay consistent and it has worked great. I have had little or no flare ups for nearly 2 years now. Where as the past 5 plus years were absolute hell. I can't say the Lialda is completely responsible for the remission, probably not but it is much easier to keep up with the meds and it has been working for me. May want to ask your doc about it.

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I have takenasacol for years 3 tablets 2x a day. At my last colonoscopy 2 years ago teh Gastroentrologist said I had all new lining in the colon - no polops or inflamation anywhere.
I haven't had a flare up for 10 years

62 year old male

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