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It works well for severe attacks of asthma. You may need to take twice.

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I have had albuterol breathing treatments in the hospital which makes me extremely shaky. Xopenex works much better. Took as inhaler until insurance wouldn't pay for it. Now take Proair HFA which has been working fine. I take 4 times a day as needed. Usually only need it twice and some days not at all. 72 year old female.

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I've been using Proventil HFA (albuterol sulfate) for only a few weeks. My tongue is fiery red all around the edges and white in the middle. It feels as if I burned it. Has anyone had this reaction? I can't think of anything else it could be.

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I am using ventolin HFA and also using spiriva for empysema and i'm not getting much relief from them i go through 4 or5 ventolin inhalers a month is it possible i have become immuned to the ventolin or could i be doing more harm to my lungs by using it so much ?

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If it has recently become worse, I would check to make sure you don't have one of the recalled inhalers. I'm not sure if you can become immune to it or not. I would definitely check with your PCP. There may be something else going on, or you made need to try a different medicine. Sometimes it is a "trial and error" process to find a med that will work for you. Good Luck!

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I have read that if overuse or use albuterol or similar inhaler types it can worsen your condition or become ineffective. In other words if you use your inhaler a lot you become dependent on it. It happened to me and I have learned to use them only when absolutely necessary on in an emergency. When I am short of breath I first try a hot cup of regular coffee which can help as caffeine is a natural bronchiodialator. I have allergic asthma and am allergic to everything.

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I use Proair (Albuterol rescue inhaler) and Albuterol liquid with my nebulizer. I use other medications (combivent, Spiriva for my asthma and COPD also. They all do a good job. I am 68 years young and a female.

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I have used several different spray can rescue meds. but this one is the best it works fast and for a long time.

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I've been taking albuterol inhaler since i was 10 years old and the liquid form in my nebulizer. 59 years old

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I also use proventil and albuterol in a nebulizer and other med's for asthma and recently began xolair injections without these med's I would without question would be hospitalized . I have had asthma since my 50's currently 73, --David

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I've been taking albuterol inhaler and the liquid form in my nebulizer, when needed, not often. I'm extremely satisfied with this medication. I've been using both forms for at least 24 yrs.

Healty 56yr. old Woman

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I have been taking Ventolin HFA for two and one-half years now..I have never had a problem with it. Before this I was taking several medications which didn't help me and lots of allergic reactions. I was born with Bronchitis and allergies, of all those years I have suffered up til I started taking this medicine.

64 year old very healthy Female.

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FDA just did a recall on roair. Dr. switched me from Combivent as they were discontinuing product in US. They last half the amount of Combivent also started coughing and no relief from Proair.Lungs seemed to have more mucus. BAD PRODUCT> Can get combivent from Canada and restared on this as of today.
RECALL on Proair was 1-5-2011

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why was proair recalled? I use proair, but I have not needed it Very much only a few times in the fall and spring. I was just wondering how I got my perscription filled if it was recalled?


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Only select lots of Proair were recalled (Lot AEC57A, AEC59A, AEC75A, and AEC84A), so other lots should still be available at your pharmacy. The lots that were recalled failed the manufacturer's tests to ensure they had identical contents.

I'm 32 and have had asthma forever. I have taken every med. in the known universe, but the albuterol rescue inhaler has always been the constant. I have been taking Symbicort for about a year now and I love it, if I miss a dose (twice a day) I notice it, especially if i miss my bedtime dose. But I still take a rescue inhaler, ProAir HFA. I pay $30 for it because my doc told me the generic Albuterol ($10) is no longer available. How could this be true for the most popular asthma drug ever?

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There are no generic versions of albuterol inhalers available on the market at this time. The older generic albuterol that were previously available are no longer made because they contained chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as propellants, which was not environmentally friendly. The newer, CFC-free albuterol inhalers available in brand-name form include Proair HFA, Proventil HFA, and Ventolin HFA. None of the new HFA inhalers have generic versions available.

TRY CANADA, 4 inhalers for 129.00. (Same Combivent dosage and grade) I was paying for the same inhaler with medicare class 2 drug. 40.00 each plus my monthley medicare charge for plan 39.00 month. (OBAMA WANTS TO FIX WHAT???? )

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It is now call proventil (albuterol/ventolin)

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I get all my inhalers from Canadian pharmacys, and could not possably afford them if I didn't. Go on line and check them out.

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I think the issue is that the generic of albuterol used some sort of propellent that has been banned in the US because of it's effect on the atmosphere {like many aerosol cans and such}. I think the thing is that when the drug companies had to re-do their compounding of the drug to be within the new guidelines, it now became a "new product", although the drug is the same. So I THINK it has to go through the same 'wait period' as a brand new drug that has been developed before it can be distributed again in the generic. This really stinks, as far as I'm concerned!

I was in the hospital recently, and they gave me VENTOLIN instead of ProAir. You might check with your insurance company to see if that is covered, and ask your doc to write a Rx for Ventolin instead. I found it much more effective than the ProAir, and seems to be closer to the generic albuterol that I was used to taking.

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ProAir HFA IS albuterol sulfate.

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I have problems with leg cramps plus hand and fingers cramping, they get real bad at times. I am taking symbicort twice aday,then triam/hctz37.5(fluid pill),thenanxitybuspar,and 20mg of predisone,also use quick rescue of proair every 4hrs or as needed. Also use the nebulizer every 4 hrs. Which I have sever copd/asthma, emphsima.Been battleing this crude since 1994, am 66 yrs old getting tired of it, only gets worse.When the legs get bad im ready to kill. Please help.

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Low potassium levels can cause leg cramping and other more severe symptoms including heart attack and death, but so can high potassium levels. Primary care physician suggests that anyone taking potassium supplements or eating foods high in potassium have a simple blood test twice a year. He then uses the results to advise me on how much potassium I should be taking. It makes me feel better to keep the levels right, and the leg cramps are gone, too. Hope this helps!

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I had the leg cramp problem during and after an asthma flare. My PCP told me that when I have a flare, my veins become narrower because my lungs aren't working as well, causing leg muscles to not get enough oxygen. He also said that any lung problem causes potassium levels to drop. He began testing my potassium levels, and after 3 or 4 times, he decided how much on average I would need. I now eat at least 1 baked potato (higher than banana) after an attack to bring levels back up. Good luck!

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I'm using advair, singulair and foradil everyday yet, i still need to use my rescue inhaler (proair) a few times a day sometimes, other times i can go days without using proair. am i on to many different meds trying to control the same problem. this stuff is expensive. you talk to the doc and get told if it's working leave it alone, well it's not working that well, but it is breaking the bank. any suggestions, change docs! i'm just trying to breathe easier so i can play with my grandchildren

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Are you seeing an asthma specialist?
I also find the cost of these meds to be high esp since the ProAir is the new 'Albuterol' that was changed two years ago to be eco-friendly and no longer considered a generic drug.
Also - in my opinion, singulair doesn't work - at least for me - I was on it for a number of years - paying the price and I stopped using it - I actually felt more alive and better after stopping it.

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yes, I see an asthma spec. I know ProAir may be eco-friendly but it is not as lung friendly as Albuterol I don't care what they say, it doesn't work the same at all. It was probably someone who doesn't have asthma who decided to change it. I have tried getting off the Singulair, when I do I get all tight and choked up. Maybe I just need to get doctor to review all meds and maybe change something. Thanks for the input.

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I changed from Advair to Asmanex and noticed a huge difference in the amount of asthma attacks (alot less!), and the frequency of use of my rescue inhaler. The cost was lower too, you should ask your doc about switching.

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check with the manufacturers, sometimes they will help you pay for your meds or provide you with discount coupons.

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I wondered why my legs were cramping! Thanks for the feedback, I will get on potassium supplements or valerian right away.

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check with your doctor before starting the Valerian... it sometimes causes problems for those with asthma/copd

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The triamterine HCTZ you are on does not rob you of potassium like other water please check with your doc BEFORE you take a potassium suppliment...I take the same drug for HBP . It is Dyazide . a water pill but not like Lasix

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Proventil raises my blood pressure and causes cramps like you wouldn't believe. I take Valerin tablets from WonderLabs every day. They help the cramps tremendously. Bananas, even potassium tablets and supplements did nothing!!! The new propellant does decrease the effectiveness of the inhaler.

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I would like to know more about the valiern?

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