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Morphine Sulfate 15mg - used for pain above and beyond daily pain helped by Tramadol, Have Shoulder Problems, rotator cuff torn beyond repair; Bicep was cut in half - beyond repair; then there's actual OA throughout the Shoulder Joint. When used it gets rid of severe pain, generated by daily use of arm. NOT a lot of alternatives except possibly a reverse shoulder joint replacement.

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I have been on Opana and Dilaudid for ten years. Recently I moved to Tennessee and Opana is hard to get. My doctor switched me to Oxycontin and I hated that because of the side-effects. It made me constipated and it made my skin crawl. Morphine Sulfate seems to be the best pain killer I have taken.

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I am a 49yr female dx'd with migraines in the 3rd grade. I was dx'd with Fibro about 10yrs ago. My migraines are severe enough that after having a prolonged one of 7 weeks, a spinal tap showed that I had Atypical Meningitis. In 2009, I was put on MS Contin in order to try to contol them to a degree that would prevent something like that happening again. I currently take 135mg/day broken into 60mg/15mg/60mg. I have no real side effects & no addicition. If I skip a day, no problems.

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What were your symptoms of Atypical Meningitis? Do you get migraines daily and how long do they usually last?
I can't find the cause and treatment for daily migraines which last 10-12 hours starting around 7 am. After the migraine is over, I'm too tired to engage in any activity, so I waste all my days and nights.
Today, I tried to switch from Methadone 40 mg to Avinza 120 mg. As I didn't feel relief, after 4 hours I took additional 30 mg and I was able to function.

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I am a 48 year old female who was in a car accident in 1998. Some wannabe hero decided to cut my seatbelt even though the car landed upside down. My entire weight was apon my neck for several hours while the firemen cut me out of the car. Tests at the hospital said I was fine. The next day the entire left side of my body was completely numb and stayed that way until I was cut off of clonazepam cold turkey. I apparently had a neurogical reaction and the entire left side of my body went into a fetal position and extreme pain. I have been on morphine for pain control ever since. I wish someone could find out a way to get rid of the pain so I could get off of this drug. I'm tired of feeling groggy much of the time.

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You should be on enough to exercise and move around. In my experience, Morphine is only sedating when too low of a dose causes depression, or when you cannot be active for you. Until medicine decides it will make them money to discover the body's own Morphine, then please keep a positive attitude as there are many of us that without this medication; we would be crippled. Look at what else may be combining to sedate you so much. By nighttime my Klonopin has me well sedated, but that's after 9 PM.

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I have just come out of hospital after 2 weeks, went in by ambulance with all over severe pain and inability to pass urine. At first the staff could not believe me when they said where does it hurt and i said everywhere, with the 'hot spots' moving from place to place.
Eventually diagnosed with rare pituitary condition where is is not producing hormones at all so my body was at a standstill, put on high dose hydrocortisone, codeine , pregablin and oramorph, so i do get some relief now i am back at home. I realise the addictive nature of these drugs and am anxious not to get hooked.,Llike i already am on my other long term psychiatric meds.
I am 45 years old and taking nearly 30 tablets a day over 13 different types. Have been on ward of old ladies and i feel like an old lady. I am new to this chronic pain thing and don't think i am going to be good at it. Will I gradually just need to increase the dose more and more my condition is treatable but not curable. Thanks

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the longer your on it the more you will need and dea will only let the doctor perscribe a max amount i weened myself off of morphine but i am now back on it and at one time i was on 21 different meds way to much for anyone im on 8 now and that is for bipolar seizure and chronic pain oh yes fibromyalgia

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I can relate to the worries i started out on a low dose of er. pill now i graduated to the liguid which is quick release i am givin 400 milliliters per month take 2 to 2.5 mg every 4 to six hours it helps but not enough anymore i asked for demrol its the same ingredients but are mixed different some way i had been given that at the er and after my surgerys but my doctor told me that his office does not prescribe it i found out another doctor does which used to be with.

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all of this and alot of the time my pain level is 8 to 9 i takes a toll more and more on my mental health i will pray for you

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You may never get "used" to it. I haven't after 10+ years of being on long acting pain meds. But you do learn to grow past. I was able to create a wall and keep most of the pain behind the wall.

I too take about 30 pills a day between prescriptions and supplements. I used to joke with my mother that I might be 31 years younger but physically I was just as old as she was. Good luck. If you let it you do learn how to tolerate it.

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I have suffered for years with the debilitating pain of spinal stenosis, fragmented discs, MS & diabetic neuropathy. I started out on addictive pain meds. As your pain increases the body expends the meds and at that time your pain Dr may use other drugs that will be more effective. I am on Morphine Sulphate 100mg 3x day and as a backup med, Oxycontin 30 mg every six hours. Ask your pain cons if a backup medication would help. I have exhausted the fear of addiction to be pain free.

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I am a 57 yr. old female who has been on this chronic pain journey since 1995. In that year was when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I had never heard of it before but was told by my then family dr that it was awakened in my system due to a horrific car accident I was involved. I was introduced to Celebrex & Vioxx for the constant pain. Life was good for a while until my neck started bothering me so badly I was referred to an ortho dr who sent me to a neuro dr. After 2 cervical diskectomies one in '05 & the other in '07 (which left me w/ nerve damage & residual paralysis on the right side of my body) I take 60mg. Avinza, 10.650 Percocet for breakthru, Topomax 600mg. for headaches, Zanaflex 8mg. muscle relaxer daily. And they want me to have more surgey cause I'm still in pain! Ya think?

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I have a lot of pain constantly,cervical ,thoracic and lumbar.I currently take soma,percocet 10/650,ativan,buspar and fiorcet for my spinal problems and horrible headaches.My muscles in my back and neck go into spasm and I feel like my lungs are being squeezed to the point I can barely breath.Does anyone else have these problems and if so.how do you handle them and with what medications???????

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Have you had a recent MRI scan?

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After reading about your chronic pain journey, it reminded me of my own. I do not know EXACTLY when mine started as I have had pain for many years. I too had to go through 2 cervical discectomies at which time I was also put on Vioxx as well as several other meds (Oxycontin, Hydrocodone etc.,) & wanted to add that I experienced a stroke after taking the Vioxx. My question for you - did you ever get involved in the Merck Civil Action suit after taking Vioxx?

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I am a 64 yr man in 2 months time all of these lead up to the emergency room with a fall 2 vertabrae fractures wre caused,Took 2 doses given of morphine.Was not responding ,unable to respond to my wife etc,was taken to the hospital ,went into a coma for 1 and a half days ...said it was due to encephelopathy from the cirrosis..I fair to differ from this diagnosis..I believe it is all about the previous ,ingestion of medication that was perscribed for me.,with in a 2 months period of time.Having liver cirrosis in fact medications,drugs stay in the liver longer because of not being able to metabalize of the damage done to the liver itself .,which may have caused an overdose of these drugs(or meds)especially with all these interactions of them.Is ther something I dont understand or is the writing on the wall???????????? Thank you for your concern!

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I am a 60 yr. old woman who has recently was diagnosed with Lupus SLE, rhuematiod arthritis, scleroderma, polymyositis and also osteopenia. I was
diagnosed with the RA in high school, in my knee. I had modified gym classes because of it. I was diagnosed with scoliosis, during my pregnancy of my second
child and told that was the reason of my back pain since childhood. This was the
only doctor, back then, who saw my scoliosis.

In 2000, I had gall bladder surgery and the 3 doctors who worked on me took many hours just to cut through the walls of my bladder, before removing it. It was badly scared. This is what the RA and scleroderma does, it not only affects joints and skin, but also internal organs. I had seen 13 doctors after the surgery and all were not agreeable on my having lupus. An RA doctor told me that my pain was all in my head. My primary, (been with her for 10 yrs., now) thought I had fibromyalgia and for many years of seeing her, she did not believe I didn't have FMS, but had more. This was because my condition is progressively getting worse. Now, she believes me and has diagnosed me with the Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which is all of the diseases I now have.
This primary doctor had me on MSContin, 270Mgs/day until she decided to punish me because I was not able to see another RA doctor 50 miles away. I can't travel in a vehicle without ending up in bed with severe pain for a week afterwards. She cut my MSContin down to allmost nothing, just to keep me from having withdrawals. Also, her office made sure that I was fully stressed when it was time to get my new prescriptions for the MSContin. I had gone into several withdrawals because the office couldn't get their act together in time for me to have my medication refilled.
Finally, late last year, doctor told me I didn't have FMS, but have the MCTD, (mixed connective tissue disease). I also have been telling her about chest pains. Finally, last month, she listened to me and checked my heart. Yesterday, I went to a heart specialist, she recommended. He found there is in fact something wrong with my heart after doing an EKG and a Sonogram of my heart. Now I have to go through a proceedure called a CT Angiogram. I have also had shortness of breath, pain in my lungs, yet haven't had anything done about this.
The bottom line is that she now has me back to my original dose of MSContin 270Mgs of day, this past December. But, I just saw the dose on my prescription bottle where she has again reduced it from 3 x's/day to 2x's/day, (270Mgs down to 180Mgs)! I have no idea why she is punishing me now, or if she is spaced out and didn't read the most recent increase on my December record. In the meantime, I'm on 5Mg/325Mg of Norco for breakthrough pain, (which I am told is the same class of morphine). I have been forced to take more of the Norco than prescribed, sometimes up to 6-8 tabs in one day. I believe all this has to do with my heart now having problems, (also caused by the RA and scleroderma).
I wrote all this to tell you that if you are seeing doctors who don't believe you to keep searching for one that does. Even though my doctor has messed up the amount of morphine on my most recent refill, at least she now listens to me and has finally come up with the diagnoses I was telling her I thought I had all along!!!
Also insist if you are still having a great level of pain, (mine continues at level 9, and 8 if I do nothing all day), insist to have more relief. This is what I'm going to do in my next appointment with my primary doctor. Please, no one deserves to suffer! It is inhumane! Doctor's are not Gods. Make sure you do research and find websites that will allow you to select your areas of pain and give you extensive information. Knowledge is Power! I go to WebMD.com and MedicineNet.com both sites are made by doctors, so you are getting reliable information.
God Bless all of you and I pray every night to bless all those who suffer, you included.

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Get checked for lyme.The blood test is only 36% effective. Thank God you were able to get pain relief.It took me over 3 years of literally crawling on the floor at times and it affecting EVERY are including my thinking. Not everyone gets that target rash.The lyme ASSOCIATION web site has links of people who have written symptom lists. It is epidemic,but for some reason the medical community refuses to accept the research on it and it can be carried by fleas also. I accidentally got antibiotics a year after my bites and someone saw a pic I had taken and then I was able to research. Todays doctors are afraid of anything that there isnt a scientific test for and for good reason as they can lose their licenses so easily. Is SO sad as SO many suffer from severe chronic pain and the destruction of their bodies unnecessarily. They do NOT listen to their patients if it wont come out on a test and the development of proper tests have been slowed by government regulations. It really blew my mind when I found that lyme is held for biowarfare out east n the same place the anthrax scare came from. I was told tht the pain meds dont work as well as you would think if there is this infection present for some reason ...as I couldnt understand how years ago I could break a tailbone and simple very small doses of vicidin worked and with this ,what seems to me is alot of pain meds ,hardly works...it just makes it so I can meet my granddaughters bery basic needs and I have to ignore my own.Of course medicare does not pay for help in the home for people with chronic severe pain......but without the pain med...I would just be lying on the floor,wanting to die. The doctors are taught wrong, or afraid to lose everything as their bills for school, and all the insurances and ect ect....plus the stress....I even had one friend who was a Dr become a truck driver as he morally could not stay a doctor with all that is required to do now a days tht is dictated to them with the loss of their lives work and homes if they dont....and of course Ive had ones that just turn me into a way to make some big bucks as lyme mimics EVERYTHING...lupus,fibromyalgia,Alzheimer,MS... every God forsaken disease that exists....it copies as it burrows thru every bone ,nerve ,organ...everything..and makes it hard while its hitting you hard to even have the capabilities to explain whats going on with yourself...yes yes....keep searchng and when you find one....they too can be at the mercy of government regulations.Other countries know that pain alone hinders healing as everything tenses up and depression sets in. It almost makes me wonder if the medical field has just turned into a business. They are so against releiveing pain and letting a person have any quality of life, yet the side effects of those are FAR less than alot of all these new meds on the market for everything else. Mine could give me plenty more, but says I have to gte rid of the infection...unfortunately once you miss the first 2 weeks of lyme...you fight it for life. I would rather die being able to give my grandaughter some quality of life instead of her watching me rot and me anything her be so angry as I cant even play cards with her...and they know I live in the middle of no-where alone with her and I do still have days I cant move at all as all I can get is 30 mg 2x day of the ms contin. and Ive been thru 3 states of doctors and now so broke may lose our home becasue of their ignorance and /or fear of treating severe pain

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Thank you, 51 year old Female, for your reply.
I knew about lyme disease but thought it was only a disease that could be treated and then gone. Especially since my fiance' had it once and had taken medication for it.
I will go to the Lyme Disease website and read what tests will effectively show it and read the list, you mention.
In the meantime, I will put in an extra prayer for you, along with my prayers for everyone who is suffering, who visits this site.
Thank you again.

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51 year old Female, OOPS, I forgot to mention that I'm now on 300 mgs of morphine a day. But, my primary doc says she will take me off of morphine altogether if she doesn't see significant lowering on my daily pain chart, I have to give her each visit. She will try something that will trick my brain into thinking I have no pain at all! Right!
I had all those brain tricking medications, suppressing the nerve endings and my brain is too smart to be tricked! :) They didn't help at all. I know other folks keep getting higher doses of morphine, as their diseases, injuries progresses. Yet, she's going to stop mine, forgetting how she almost took it away, while my disease has continued to progress and will do so until I die. This MCTD, (mixed connective tissue disease) is much like cancer. It will continue to deteriorate my health, causing more pain and lessening my life. Plus, I'm at a high rate for contracting cancer, thanks to this illness and I will definitely get PAH, which all the medical websites state regarding MCTD. (Websites from doctors). So, I don't know what I'll do, when the pain goes back up. Right now, I'm forced to lie on my pain chart, stating it is lower than it really is, just to keep getting some of the relief which helps me to exist each day. Oh well. Hope I'll still get into Heaven, for these fibs.
Thanks again, for your reply.

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It is very well known that the body's tollerance to Morphine can increase to an unlimited level, so do not blame opiates. More states are putting restrictions on the dosage of a primary opiate that may be prescribed (such as Morphine) after the overdoses of many Hollywood people. This is not only unfair, it should be illegal. I have a rare form of Cystic Fibrosis and I make no natural painkillers, so I deal with 120 of MS Contin/day, but the Dr. can be very generous with my Lortab (Norco). Will continue

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There are also many ultra potent medications on the market that I am saving for a later time in my disease process. Your dosage sounds like you could successfully take those now. I am holding off on Duragesic (a skin patch some 40 times more potent than Morphine) it is possible for the patch to fail and overdose patients, they are also very expensive. Advocate for yourself and educate yourself as to alternatives on the market. Used well, and knowing the signs of impending overdose will help you

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i know you say it hurts to travel but you ned a pain specialist a family doctor cant and wont give you what you need it is dea monitored i go to one and have good enough repore with them i go every other month and yes traveling 60 miles is very tough on me also but you got to do what you have to in order to get the right treatment or just suffer your choice

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I have been on a lot of different pain meds over the past 12 yrs. The Avinza that I take is 90mg and really makes my life manageable. I can get up out of bed and lead a mostly normal life. I did have constipation for years but started taking "greens" (from the health food store) and starting being regular again! I do have some memory issues. I sometimes just don't remember things, even from ny children's childhood. I take antidepressants and oxy IR for breakthrough pain on really bad days. Avinza is the only med that the Dr hasn't had to keep increasing the dosage. I finally feel like my chronic pain is under control. Just be sure to never run out! I have only twice and it is horrible. Even saying that I am very happy with the pain relief that Avinza gives me. Much better than Vicodin or anything else I have tried.

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i think it is the same as a heroinhe addict coming of drugs that is why you have to be monitered. i was late getting my morphine prescription once and for a day i had the shakes mood swings and my pains were terrible so it waSs like going cold turkey and not a nice expereience.

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