Arthrosin (Naproxen)


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I was advided to take Alieve over other OTC pain relevers, that it was easier on my stomach and worked better

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Make sure you take it regularly, missing doses will not give you the best benifits. Also take with food, can both the stomach.

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Read the info. Be aware of your medical conditions before taking Naproxen. If YOU perform your own due-diligence, you won't have problems...

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Better than Advil

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Listen to your doctor and tell him all your symptoms

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Aleve liquid would be nice if the price was the same as for the caplets

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Give it a couple of days to kick in. Then it is very beneficial

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Only take when you have severe symptoms

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i was once on naproxin for pain in my left ankle. i was on it for a few months and it was doing great. then one day i go tosee another doctor in the same office and he says were taking u off that. It is additive. I stayed off it for a while until i went to and moved and started seeing another doctor. He told me is wasn't and that i could take it.

But when i was taking i felt good i didnt have any pain in my ankle and my legs werent swollen. I along with the meds i did my therapy xercises to help too.

But when i frist got on this medicine i was scared to death about taking it cuss i am allergic to ibprophene. But for some reason i can handle taking this but nothing else.

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naproxen is an excellent anti-inflammatory. i used it when i got my tongue pierced and experienced very little swelling.

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I am taking the following medications Naproxen 500mg, Atenolol 50mg, Famotidine 20mg, Trazodone 100mg, Benicar Hct 40/25mg, Lipitor 10mg and Zoloft 100mg. I am African American and I am noticing that my hair is changing. It does not respond to relaxers as it did before can you tell me what medication(s) maybe causing it and what can I do to reverse it if possible.

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what about naproxene with prozac???
please help
I am having a really hard time finding something for menstrual cramps and the prozac is working wonders for my pshyche

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I like this medication for menstrual cramps but when I started on zoloft my pharmacist said there was a gastric bleeding risk ?? I later asked another doctor casually and he said he never heard of this.

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