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Taking for rotator cuff (shoulder) pain. Take 2 each evening. I'm careful to take with food. I took NSAIDs for many years for arthritis pain and have permanent damage to my digestive tract, so I try to avoid as much as possible but I had to start something for the shoulder pain. (My arthritis pain, by the way, subsided greatly during my pregnancies and hasn't returned full-force.

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It releaved my sacro-iliac arthrits so I could sleep at night but quickly my blood pressure started rising along with bad headaches. My blood pressure was 182/94,171/101 for two days I called my pharmacist and she suggested it could be risting from the naproxen. I guess I have to live with pain. I have side effects to everything. I am one in a million that can't seem to take medications my system goes haywire from them. I didn't take it this morning pain back in my joint b/p good.

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I have back pain following an injury and Naproxen kills the pain like magic. Sadly it also gives me severe diarrhoea which I could learn to manage but it puts my blood pressure up as it negates my Inderal.

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When I need an all day pain reliever Aleve works like no other! #1 in my book.

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The reason I take naproxen sodium it really help me endure this bone disease called Costochondritis, this disease really make me very weak, with lung problem and asthma and damage to my lumbar spine, L4-L5-L5-S1. I am really wrecked up from four car accidents over the years. I am glad my sister told me about this program and I will be back for more information.

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I'm a 75 yr female with osteoarthritis, take no more than 2 Aleve per 24 hrs, only as needed for pain. No problems noted.

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Naproxen or anything related to this medication is bad for you. My husband used it for years for lower back pain and in 2006 led to gastrointestinal problems which gave him esophageal varices veins to burst because nothing could flow through the liver. When they treated him for this, they asked him for his medications and when we told them he was using Naproxen, they said that was the culprit. Sadly to say he died at the age of 59 due to this dreadful medication.

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I have been taking Naproxen (1000 -1500mg / day) or other NSAIDS for shoulder and vertebrae nerve problems for about 12 years. Can anyone tell me if the Tinnitus and short term memory loss go away if Naproxen is stopped and how long does it take?
Also on Tramadol, Simvastatin, Propranalol, Omeprazole, Enalapril and Doxazosin, some of which have similar side effects.

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I also have experiencing short term memloss and take aleve almost daily for body pain. I have multiple sclerosis diagnosed in 1996

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Aleve works really well for my OsteoAthritis. I have high blood pressure and take prescription Medication for that, but was told Aleve shouldn't be taken while on a blood pressure Med b/c it can work against you.? I take Aleve as little as possible, only on Real bad pain day/s. It helps releive swelling too. I also use Absobine Jr. It is a rub in liquid form. I have Bursitis in my right hip too, it is getting better.

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I have been taking 375 mg once a day of this drug for two years. I have found the effectiveness of this drug peaks after a few months, with no increased benefits. I have pain and stiffness everyday in my neck and back and it only relieves nearly 50% even when I double down on the dosage. So the drug has limited return. Also doubling down causing stomach pain.

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Be sure to take with food. That should help with the stomach pain.

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Naproxen seems to work very well for type O users, but I have found that it is better for me to take it with a light snack so the stomach is better protected. I've been on this medication for the past 10 to 12 years with no side effects.
Friends with types A and AB seem to have more problems with this.

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I took this drug for a couple of years. I had to stop taking it due to liver damage. I have type o blood type. There is a blood test for liver count and mine was thru the roof. The only 2 side effects I had was in the summer my hands would swell up and I also had too much diareah. I took this drug every 12 hours. It was for RA.

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Taking milk thistle daily will protect the liver.

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Work requires lifting and moving and a lot of walking. I had been taking aleve from June 2010 thru January 2011 for joint pain, mostly 1 a day, occasionaly 2. I developed heart arrythmia in January and my heart doctor prescribed coumadin. I still took the aleve and I usually have 2 glasses of wine with dinner. In April I developed a severe gastrointestinal bleed, hospitalized, 6 units whole blood. I have now stopped both the medications. The doctors said ischemia. Could it have been the drugs?

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I have been taking naproxen sodium PRN (infrequently) for several years because of muscle spasms and other pains. I asked my doctor whether he would prefer ibuprofen or naproxen (I am also taking BP meds--olmesartan medoxomil, doxazosyn mesylate, and chlorthalidone--and he chose naproxen. I also take 81mg of aspirin nightly as cardiovascular prophylaxis. In addition, I have a disease--Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, an indolent non-Hodgkin's lymphoma--that can cause bleeding. So far, no problems.

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