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i just started a 5 MG daily dose a month ago. I take amlodipine along with 50 MG of Losartan (i been on this drug for 3 months) to treat high blood pressure. So far no swelling in ankles. I may have to increase to 10 MG and hope if I do the swelling stays away. Will let you all know if things change...James

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I have insomnia ongoing which is getting a bit better now, I took one of these as presercibed for elevated blood pressure and did not sleep one wink that night. I put them in the bin, although this seems uncommon it definitely has this affect for me.

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I am a 59 year old female. I had a stroke 5 years ago, and open heart surgery 2 years before that. Diagnosed with high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, insulin dependent diabetes, high cholesterol level (the significant ones) and I have been taking Coreg twice a day since my stroke. Just put on Norvasc and read that it is dangerous to be on both norvasc and coreg together. Why wouldn't my doctor know this, especially since he is aware of my medical history and diagnosis'?

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I find it interesting that so many people are getting swollen ankles from this medication. I don't get any problems with taking 10mg, each morning. But, in the first instance, I used to only take 5mg, and did not have it increased for around 3 or 4 months, to the 10mg. Not sure if that is the reason I don't get any side effects, but thought it worth mentioning, as this might be helpful to others.

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I take Amlodipine and many other medications for my various conditions, I keep my eyes on information from other drugs I take.

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I began taking Norvasc (Amlodipine) on 10/28/13. Within 3 days, my legs and feet were swollen so bad that they hurt constantly, I felt like I was walking with balloons on the bottom of my feet, and I could not get my regular shoes on (the swelling did not go down even after a night's sleep). Also, my back began hurting real bad in the kidney area. I stopped taking Norvasc 3 days ago, and my feet and legs are not swollen even 1/3 as bad as they were, and my back is feeling better.

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Amlodipine is working much better than the clonidine the I could not tolerate. Clonidine is horrible. But, my left heel hurts when I bend my foot upwards. I started when I switched to amlodipine.

I had my teeth cleaned after starting amlodipine, and my gums were bleeding. But it had been a long time since I had had my teeth cleaned, so am not sure how much effect the amlodipine is having.

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Have not had any ill effects from this drug. Just wanted to let people know that there are some of us who can take this drug. I changed to this drug when I found out my new cholesterol drug had bad interactions with my old blood pressure medicines. I didn't want to change because of seeing the side effects people mentioned here. But so far, I have not had any trouble. My gums were sore for about a week, but I started flossing at least once a day and toughened up my gums and now they are fine.

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I started to take glucosamine and chondroiton along with my Amlodipine. One week later my gums are bleeding, ankles swelling, along with headache and nausea. My stool had blood in it.
No thanks to that!
Any suggests for knee and hip aching ?

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my doctor took me off diclofenac as he said it was not advisable to take it with bp tablets and my ankles were swelling, he put me on paracetamol seem to help a bit but still have pain.

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i hate docotors. my husband has had swollen legs and feet for ages and he takes this bp med. also just had an aortic valve replacement. also other meds for irregular heatbeats cause his thyroid to stop functioning.

i have taken this hb med also first few days my pressure goes down then i urinate all nite all and have terrible leg cramps and it stops controlling the bp.

as someone says you tell docs and they have no answers for you.

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I also suffer from leg cramps at night from time to time.It must be this medication.It starts in my feet.

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I am a 61 year old male. I am taking AMLODIPINE TAB 5MG. twice daily.
MY blood pressure runs in the area of 140/75.
Has anyone had problems with erectile dysfunction.
My Dr. doesn't seem to care. He Just Prescribes Viagra 100mg. Qty. 5, My total cost at Krogers is $ 105.96. I cannot afford this cost. Any suggestions.
Thanks is advance for any comment.

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61 years old male. I have been on Amlodipine ISTIN) for the last 20 years, on 5 mg for the first 15 years, then moving up to 10 mg daily. I suffer from most of the common side-effects such as swollen ankles, skin blemishes, low energy, hair loss, and for the last 5 years Amlodipine has pushed me into T2 diabetes (have no family history). To protect my kidneys I also take Irbesartan. Erectile dysfunction is another side-effect. Hope this helps. A generic substitute for ISTIN almost killed me.

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I am not a doctor literally; but I have come to know my own body and have done a lot of research on medical problems. I also take Amlodipine 5mg once daily since 1995. I have a salt-free diet, no stress,and a prayer life. In blood pressure readings the bottom number is what determines "high blood pressure." With your average being (75) I feel that is too low, too often. Which is why I feel you are experiencing ED. You should be on 5mg. 1x daily or *as needed; which is what I do.

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After I presented with Angina along with my blood clot in my lwr rt. lung in 9-10-08, then put on Norvasc because of tests which determined I have paternal hereditary mild Angina starting around 50-52, I HAVE to be on it and I can def. tell a big difference when trying to swim any now. It does NOT allow me to over exert myself at all. It also regulates my heart rate so that I can't do what I used to do. I used to be a SCUBA diver but I do good now to go to a big pool or get in the Rx hottub.

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the first mo. the drug wasgreat made my b/p real low ... 2 mo. new bottle of 5mg 2 aday my b/p is hight sat am b/p was 189/91 that is hight for me

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