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I have been taking Amantadine for 23 years for MS Fatigue. Over the years I know it has definitely helped with the MS Fatigue because I've forgotten to take it some days and can feel the difference. It doesn't help alot but does make a difference. I take 100mg 3x/day. When I try to take 100mg 4x/day I always get heart palpitations.

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I have been taking Amantadine for several months for MS fatigue. Before starting this drug I was yawning frequently although I didn't feel tired. Now the yawning has stopped except when I'm actually sleepy. Now I can sit through a sermon without falling asleep.

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I'm experiencing significant leg swelling along with my hands. I also have joint pain esp in my hips which is causing difficulty ambulating.
I am taking Amantadine for Parkinson and have only been taking it fir 2 months.
i am also taking requip but I've been on that for 3 years.
Is there anyone else who is haviing this symptoms. I have called my MD & I'm waiting for a return call

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I started taking amantadine 12 years ago during the "sick" season at school. I was a high school principal and once I started this medicine, I was NEVER SICK AGAIN with a cold, flu, or any of the other illnesses that afflicted my students. I take it during the "sick" season even now that I am retired. I NEVER get a cold or any of the illnesses floating around.

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I also took Amantadine for fatigue and it does not help. I also had my ankles swell considerably, as well as my left arm and hand. I was taking Provigil, but the insurance company would not pay for it even though it was working great for me.

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I was perscribed Amantadine to help fight fatige due to MS. It hasn't done a thing to help me.

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I have been taking Amantadine for about 1 month and started to get purplish blotches on my legs and my calves, ankles, and feet have been swelling up. Should I be concerned. I stopped taking this medicine when I noticed the blotching.

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I know reply is late, but you may have already found out that purplish blotches you get are called Livedo Reticularis. I've had them for 23 years on my calves and arms. They normally are pronounced when I'm cold. No problem................

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