Allegra D (Fexofenadine with Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride)


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I use Allegra once a day everyday for allergies successfully. But as fall has come on and I am suffering from sneezing and sinusitis I was told to try Allegra D every 12 hours. Within 24 hours (2 doses) it has worked like a miracle to relieve my symptoms. I will definitely keep Allegra-D on hand for flare ups.

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I have been taking Allerga D 12 hour about every other day for a year now. It has helped my Allergies but, now my Nurse Practitioner says she does not think it's good to stay on them for a long period of time. My allergies are killing me. I have been trying nasal spray but, I am suffering. Has anyone heard that you can't take it for an extended period?

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I have taken Allegra D 12-hour every morning for over 2 years. Without it, I get migraines because of severe allergies. Both my neurologist and my family doctor know that I've been on it for an extended period, and neither have said anything about it being bad for me. Even after 2 years, it still really helps me.

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I have been taking Allegra for years. I had noticed that it was not as effective as it used to be, so when I went to my Primary Doctor I told her. She asked me to take Claritan for 2 weeks, and then take the Allegra for 2 weeks. She stated that for some people after a while the Allegra may loose its effectiveness. I have been doing that and it helps. Maybe you should ask your Doctor about this and see what he/she thinks. She also told me to use a saline nose spray which is very good and not harsh on the nasal membranes at all and you can purchase it over the counter.
I hope it does work for you because having allergies is miserable sometimes.

58 year old female......

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I have been taking Fexofenadine Hydrochloride for about five years but not every day, only when I have a drainage in back of my throat & constantly clear my throat. I have no side effects. It helps with my problem.

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When Allegra D available over counter, my insurance forced me to use generic. But generic substituted seemed inferior and disintegrated quickly disolved compared to 24 hour Allegra D I had used for number of years. Although insurance would not cover, I've continued using brand name Allegra D. It is only product, after trial and error, that is as effective in decreasing my sinus congestion, face pain and even migraines related to chronic sinus problems and allergies.

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I have been taking Allegra-D 12 hour for over 3 years and have not had any problems. I talk to my doctor before I started taking it and he said that there is 2 active ingrediants in it and they are not as strong as taking 24 hour Allegra-D

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I have been taking Alegra D every day for years and my Dr. and Pharmacist said it was ok to do so.

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Posted: 2009-08-29 10:00 am

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I have been taking Allegra -24 hour every day for approx two years for chronic hives. On my last two eye exams, I was told that I have narrow angles and may need to have this corrected. I have been trying to wean myself from taking it daily and am trying to use it every other day.

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I personally know someone that is on it everyday and has not been taken off it per her doctor

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I was also given the same meds but was advised by my doctor to change from Allegra to claritin or zrytec every six weeks for three weeks.

36 year old female

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I use Allegra-D and Flonase nasal spray for runny nose and sneezing (Allergy). Without these I would be miserable.

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I personally use an all natural solution. I use Claritose, works wonders for me and my family. if interested call 888-748-7776 and Ask for LaVone. The guy works for the company and is an excellent rep. Plus he always gives you discounts and deals

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does allegra d cause liver enzymes to be elevated?

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I don`t know,but I can tell you this just get on ZRII and improve your live.

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I know the D (decongestant) part elevates your blood pressure. Since everything is filtered through the liver, I wouldn't be surprised but I don't know for a fact that it does. Have you asked your doctor or checked the symptom list from the manufacturer?

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I had a horrible experience with allegra D. It gave me mood swings and terrible depression. I will never use it again.

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Do you know if and when they will come out with a generic form of allegra d?

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I know the real thing costs more but you really would not want a generic. I am writing from experience. I had a terrible experience with an SSRi where it was discovered that the generic maker wasn't putting in the actual dosage as stated. It turned out that patients that were Rx'd 100mg of this SSRI was actually getting something a lot less. For me, I went through withdrawals symptoms as if I went off the med cold-turkey.

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I'm not using Allegra D anymore. How do I delete?

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