Advil Cold (Ibuprofen with Pseudoephedrine)


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My wife,age 35 has a sinus problem,she goes through excruciating pain which starts from her right nostril and travels upwards and towards the back of the head and a half headache. She also complains a about little numbness in the head.
Someone suggested Arinac & she uses it often,but most of the times it is of no gain.
I recently switched her over to Dispirin (Aspirin) and it worked.
Can anybody please comment on this?

I am deeply concerned about my wife's health.

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I find that this particular brand, Advil Cold And Sinus, works better than all of the other brands for severe sinus headaches. Especially the ones that affect your eyes, cheeks, nose, and teeth. Motrin used to be the best, but that was taken off of the market. I have not noticed any side effects from this medicine at all, except total relief from my severe sinus symptoms.

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