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Antipsychotics Linked With Sudden Cardiac Death
A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the risk of sudden cardiac death is similar among all of the antipsychotics, including both newer and older antipsychotics. These medicines have a "black box warning" relating to an increased risk of death in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis. This new study suggests that this risk may apply to patients of all ages taking an antipsychotic. For more information please visit:
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Recall of selected 180mg and 240mg bottles
Forest Pharmaceuticals has initiated a recall of selected bottles of 240mg and 180mg ARMOUR THYROID tablets. These tablets may not last as long as originally intended. The recall applies to: 240mg tablet Lots: 030724, Exp. Aug-08 and 050750, Exp. Dec-08; and 180mg tablet Lots: 1,000-tablet bottles: 030732, Exp. Aug-08, 090724, Exp. Feb-09; 100-tablet bottle lots: 030714, Exp. Jul-08; 050771, Exp. Jul-08; 030723, Exp. Aug-08; 050772, Exp. Aug-08; 040726, Exp. Oct-08; 040727, Exp. Oct-08; 070723, Exp. Nov-08; 070724, Exp. Dec-08; 090724, Exp. Feb-09
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Date Published Title Drug Source
2009-06-08 Antipsychotics Linked With Sudden Cardiac Death Thiothixene MediGuard CRT
2007-12-18 Recall of selected 180mg and 240mg bottles Thyroid FDA
2008-01-03 FDA Communication Regarding Thyroid Medication Thyroid FDA
2009-11-14 Possible Contamination of Thyrogen Thyrotropin Alfa FDA
2008-01-31 Increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviour Tiagabine FDA
2008-12-17 New FDA Warning on Seizure Medications Tiagabine FDA
2009-05-06 FDA Approves Updated Labeling For Antiepileptic Medications Tiagabine FDA
2008-11-10 Recommendations for Antiplatelet Therapy (Aspirin, Clopidogrel, or Ticlopdipine) Ticlopidine MediGuard CRT
2009-09-16 Low-Dose Aspirin For Prevention Has Fewer Side Effects Than Higher Doses of Aspirin Ticlopidine MediGuard CRT
2013-09-30 FDA Adds New Boxed Warning, Warns of Increased Risk of Death with Tygacil (Tigecycline) Tigecycline FDA
2008-01-07 FDA Communication Regarding Musculoskeletal Pain Tiludronic Acid FDA
2008-11-14 Update on FDA Safety Review of Bisphosphonates Tiludronic Acid FDA
2009-01-05 Communication About New Safety Information Tinzaparin FDA
2008-03-18 Potential increased risk of stroke identified Tiotropium FDA
2008-10-08 Early Communication About Ongoing Safety Review of Spiriva Tiotropium FDA
2010-01-15 Follow-Up to the FDA Safety Review of Tiotropium (marketed as Spiriva Handihaler) Tiotropium FDA
2008-08-04 Generic Manufacturer Recalls Several Drug Products Tizanidine Manufacturer
2012-11-27 Akorn, Inc. Recalls Two Lots of Tobramycin Ophthalmic Ointment 0.3% Tobramycin FDA
2013-07-30 Nova Diabetes Care Recalls of Several Lots of Nova Max Glucose Test Strips Tolazamide Manufacturer
2014-05-01 FDA Warns: Stop Using GenStrip™ Blood Glucose Test Strips Tolazamide FDA
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