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Recall of Four Lots of Humira Pen Psoriasis Starter Package
Abbott Laboratories has issued a voluntary recall of several lots of Humira (adalimumab) Pen Psoriasis Starter Package with 4 single use prefilled pens of Humira for subcutaneous use only, 40 mg/0.8mL. The following lots and expiration dates (Exp) are being recalled because the some of the Humira Psoriasis Starter Packages may have been mispackaged with the pens placed within the carton in way that does not follow the recommended initial dosing directions: Lot # 70266SP44, Exp SEP 2010 Lot # 74329SP41, Exp JAN 2011 Lot # 74329SP42, Exp JAN 2011 Lot # 74329SP45, Exp JAN 2011 Humira contains the active ingredient adalimumab and is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, anklyosing spondylitis, Crohn's disease, and psoriasis. Humira is dispensed in several different types of packages. This recall only applies to four specific lots of Humira Pen 40 mg/0.8 mLin the Psoriasis Starter Package. For more information, please visit:
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Lannett Co., Inc Recalls Select Lots of Dipyridamole 25 mg Tablets
Lannett Co., Inc is recalling four lots of Dipyridamole 25 mg tablets. Lot numbers 2008261067, 2008522883, 2008261068, and 2008522884 are being recalled because samples from these lots failed tests that measured their ability to dissolve. Dipyridamole is used along with other drugs to reduce the risk of blood clots after heart valve replacement surgery. Dipyridamole is also sold under the brand name Persantine. This recall alert only applies these four lots of Dipyridamole 25 mg made by Lannett Co., Inc. No other dipyridamole products are involved in this recall. To view the FDA notice about this recall, please visit:
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Date Published Title Drug Source
2010-04-02 Recall of Four Lots of Humira Pen Psoriasis Starter Package Adalimumab FDA
2010-04-02 Lannett Co., Inc Recalls Select Lots of Dipyridamole 25 mg Tablets Dipyridamole FDA
2010-04-02 Non-Safety-Related Recall of a Limited Portion of Daytrana Patches Methylphenidate Manufacturer
2010-04-01 Clear Nicotine Patch 7 mg Recalled At Warehouse/Retail Level Nicotine FDA
2010-04-01 Ongoing Recall Of Single Lot of Glyburide and Metformin 2.5 mg/500 mg Tablets FDA
2010-03-31 Schering Recalls Several Lots of Intron A FDA
2010-03-31 Recall of a Single Lot of Claravis (isotretinoin) capsules, 40 mg Isotretinoin FDA
2010-03-31 Recall on a Single Lot of Ranitidine Tablets, 150 mg Ranitidine FDA
2010-03-31 Rugby Laboratories Recalls Select Lots of Children's Nasal Decongestant Liquid Pseudoephedrine FDA
2010-03-31 Cadista Recalls Single Lot of Prednisone 1 mg Tablets Prednisone FDA
2010-03-31 The FDA Issues Drug Safety Communication: Ongoing Safety Review of Stalevo and Possible Development of Prostate Cancer Entacapone FDA
2010-03-23 Eli Lilly and Company Publishes Notification of Stolen Products Fluoxetine with Olanzapine Manufacturer
2010-03-19 FDA: Ongoing Safety Review of High-Dose Simvastatin (Zocor) and Increased Risk of Muscle Injury Simvastatin FDA
2010-03-17 FDA Warns Companies to Stop Producing Unapproved Nitroglycerin Nitroglycerin FDA
2010-03-16 Recall of Several Brands of Diphenhydramine HCL 25 mg Capsules Diphenhydramine FDA
2010-03-16 Cadista Has Completed Its Recall Of Terazosin 5 mg Capsules Terazosin FDA
2010-03-16 Novartis Issues Recall Of Single Lot of Amlodipine/Benazepril Capsules at Warehouse/Retail Level FDA
2010-03-16 Paddock Recalls Select Lots of Compro Prochlorperazine Suppositories At Warehouse/Retail Level Prochlorperazine FDA
2010-03-15 FDA Makes Statement on the ACCORD Lipid Trial Fenofibrate FDA
2010-03-15 FDA Makes Statement on the ACCORD Lipid Trial Fenofibric Acid FDA
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